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Spooky Nights ghost hunts are designed to give you a real ghost hunting experience. Take part in vigils, séances, ghostly experiments. Spend the night in a haunted building where you are given the best opportunity to encounter ghostly activity. Spooky Nights ghost hunting team will work with you in some of Britain’s most haunted buildings in an attempt to capture paranormal activity.

If you are brave enough you will also be able to carry out your own lone vigil in one of the most haunted areas of the building.

It is not the role of the Spooky Nights team to prove that ghosts exist but we will work hard to ensure you have the best ghost hunting experience possible.

Join us on one of our exciting and thrilling ghost hunts.

Sunday 23rd January - £35.00

Four Crosses - 2022-01-23

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Cannock WS11 1RX

Friday 28th January - £59.00

39 De Grey Street - 2022-01-28

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Hull HU5 2RY

Friday 28th January - £55.00

Graisley Old Hall - 2022-01-28

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Wolverhampton WV3 0LP

Paranormal Groups

paranormal investigationSpooky Nights Investigations call out to all Paranormal Groups who would like to join us at some of the most haunted and most prestigious locations in the UK. Spooky Nights have an aim to be inclusive and to work with all groups who have a fascination for ghost hunting whilst always bearing in mind the financial costs of doing so.


Spooky Nights ghost hunts will be all about the investigation and welcome the expertise of others whilst keeping the price of this investigation to an absolute minimum. If you have your own Paranormal Group and would like to join Spooky Nights on a ghost hunt investigation then please get in touch to make a group booking.

Spooky Nights Team

The Spooky Nights Team are dedicated ghost hunters. As well as being exceptionally friendly and welcoming we will work with you on every ghost hunt investigation to ensure that we always get the best evidence that we can. Spooky Nights has evolved to open up more haunted locations to like-minded ghost hunters at an affordable cost and the Team are looking forward to working with you to gain that all important evidence.
Spooky Nights Investigations

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