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Spooky Nights is the Sister Company to Haunted Happenings, the UK's most popular Paranormal Events Company. Spooky Nights has evolved from an awareness that there appear to be two types of ghost hunters, those that want the opportunity to investigate using evidential techniques and putting their own experience into practice and those who want to experience a full paranormal event using traditional equipment and psychic abilities. Spooky Nights are a dedicated team of ghost hunters who work tirelessly to share this amazing experience with everybody. We are seasoned ghost hunters who have the knowledge and expertise to work safely in all of the locations and ensure that all those investigating have the best opportunities possible to capture their own evidence.

If you love the idea of a total ghost hunt investigation at a haunted location then Spooky Nights ticks all the boxes. The Spooky Nights Team are friendly, professional and have an absolute passion for investigating the paranormal. We want every investigation to be a shared experience. Yes, we have to put structure into the events but on a Spooky Nights Investigation we will all be working together. You will be free to bring all of your own equipment and have time and opportunity to set up trigger objects and cameras etc prior to the investigation taking place.

Spooky Nights Team

The Spooky Nights Team are dedicated ghost hunters. As well as being exceptionally friendly and welcoming we will work with you on every ghost hunt investigation to ensure that we always get the best evidence that we can. Spooky Nights has evolved to open up more haunted locations to like-minded ghost hunters at an affordable cost and the Team are looking forward to working with you to gain that all important evidence.
Spooky Nights Investigations

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