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Q. What happens if I can’t make the investigation and realise this just before it starts or on the day of the investigation?
A. If you find that you cannot make the investigation then please call us as soon as you realise. Even though you will not be refunded for not being able to attend at such a late stage, at least by letting us know we can make sure that we don’t wait for you to arrive or worry about you getting lost.


Q. Will I get my money back if I or anyone in my booking is unable make an investigation?
A. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section to see our refund policy. (link).


Q. What happens if I become ill during the investigation or too afraid to continue?
A. If you become afraid or feel that you can no longer participate you will be able to go to a lit area with one of the Spooky Nights Team who will ensure that you are looked after. You are free to leave an investigation at any time but may not be permitted back in due to the fact that gates may be locked or you may not be able to contact us to return due to phone signals etc.


Q. Will I be able to use my own investigation techniques at the location?
A. Spooky Nights actively encourages its guests to make the investigation their own. This means that if you feel there are certain experiments you would like to carry out you will be encouraged to do so as long as they fulfil the terms and conditions relating to equipment, ie no candles or naked flames. Some locations may not have electricity and some locations may be in an uncovered area and be wet therefore dangerous to electrical equipment. We ask that all electrical equipment is safety tested prior to bringing this to the investigation.


Q. Can I bring my own filming equipment?
A. Spooky Nights is all about the evidence that we can capture so would like all investigators to bring whatever filming equipment they wish to an investigation. Filming equipment is extremely useful and is a valuable tool when looking back over the investigation to see what may have been captured. We ask all our investigators to let us know if they have discovered anything unusual and will do our best to get this verified through a reliable source and put on the Spooky Nights website or Youtube.

Spooky Nights Team

The Spooky Nights Team are dedicated ghost hunters. As well as being exceptionally friendly and welcoming we will work with you on every ghost hunt investigation to ensure that we always get the best evidence that we can. Spooky Nights has evolved to open up more haunted locations to like-minded ghost hunters at an affordable cost and the Team are looking forward to working with you to gain that all important evidence.
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