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The abandoned Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool is the ultimate ghost hunt location for those wishing to spend the night in a frightening and very active building. This orphanage turned hospital dates back to the Victorian era where punishments were harsh and cruel and this sprawling building now lies empty and has a sinister and frightening feel to it. The many corridors, wards, accommodation blocks and particularly the Morgue are the epitomy of a haunted building and Spooky Nights have exclusive access for the whole night.

Join the Spooky Nights Team as we investigate what is perhaps the most haunted location in the UK. Liverpoolís Abandoned Hospital and Orphanage is a must for ghost hunters all over the world and with so much activity being constantly recorded itís not surprising. The Spooky Nights Team will be running an investigation-led ghost hunt at the Abandoned Hospital in an attempt to accurately record what is going on here.

The areas of particular concern whilst ghost hunting at this terrifying location are the kitchen area where many apparitions have been seen, the Naughty Boys Corridor which is intensely active and the Psychiatric Wards which leave you in no doubt that something is definitely happening here.

You will join the Spooky Nights Team in their ghost hunting investigation of these areas, where we will be using technology to discover who or what is haunting them. This investigation-led ghost hunt will be dedicated to collating evidence of the paranormal and whatever we pick up during the ghost hunt will be recorded and documented.

During this ghost hunt investigation we will be collating and recording evidence captured by all those attending. After the event a log report will be submitted to our Spooky Nights Magazine to ensure that there are comparable notes available each time we return to the location. All paranormal groups will be welcome to attend this event along with seasoned ghost hunters. For those of you investigating for the first time you will be able to work closely with the Spooky Nights Team throughout the event in your journey to become a ghost hunter.

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The Spooky Nights Team are dedicated ghost hunters. As well as being exceptionally friendly and welcoming we will work with you on every ghost hunt investigation to ensure that we always get the best evidence that we can. Spooky Nights has evolved to open up more haunted locations to like-minded ghost hunters at an affordable cost and the Team are looking forward to working with you to gain that all important evidence.

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