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Project Hauntings - part one of the 12 guest only ghost hunts in 2015. The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucester is reputed to be one of the UK's most sinister and active locations. With such a mixture of activity this location has every ingredient for a fantastic overnight ghost hunt. Spooky Nights will be carrying out an investigation here with a maximum of 12 guests to ensure that we have every opportunity to get the very best paranormal experience. Using Spooky Nights ghost hunting equipment, do you have what it takes to spend time alone in the barn or can you carry out a lone vigil in the Bishop's Room. This is your chance to find out.

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The Spooky Nights Team are dedicated ghost hunters. As well as being exceptionally friendly and welcoming we will work with you on every ghost hunt investigation to ensure that we always get the best evidence that we can. Spooky Nights has evolved to open up more haunted locations to like-minded ghost hunters at an affordable cost and the Team are looking forward to working with you to gain that all important evidence.

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